Graphic Surf; Decals, Patches and Stickers

As a nice companion piece to Surf Graphics (as reviewed on WingsArt a couple of weeks ago), I can recommend Graphic Surf: Decals, Patches and Stickers by Ben Marcus. A collection of over 1250 examples of logos and branding that have graced surf boards going right back to the 1920s with Duke Kahanamoku, through the 1960s with Greg Noll and Robert August (of Endless Summer fame) and up to the present with the large corporations such as O’Neill and Quicksilver. There’s even some extras in there too such as a range of California Girls stickers, promo material for surf movies, bumper stickers and other miscellaneous bits and pieces. For those who love the bold and colourful world of surf graphics, this is full of goodies and another book worth having on the shelf.

Graphic Surf – Decals, Patches and Stickers – By Ben Murcus
Schiffer Books
160 pages
21.3 x 1.5 x 27.7 cm



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