Illustration Now! 5


TASCHEN Books continues its long-running series that takes a look at the world of contemporary illustration with Illustration Now! 5. A hand-picked collection from Julius Wiedemann and Steven Heller offering up 150 of todays top illustrators working in a wide variety of styles and arenas. From high-profile clients to more personal work, Illustration Now! suggests that the demand for talented artists in our editorials and advertising remains as strong as ever, despite the constant challenges facing the industry.

Although this selection might feel more directed by the artist’s agents and representatives (very few appear to be independent) the overall quality is high and provides suitable inspiration for anyone considering a career in commercial illustration. While not quite a definitive look at today’s illustration, it’s a well-produced 450 pages of eye-candy and an encouraging look to the future of the commercial arts.

Illustration Now! 5
Paperback 448 pages
25.2 x 20.4 x 3.4 cm








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