Mid-Century Modern Complete


With an unmistakable design aesthetic that set standards for everything from furniture to film, Mid-Century Modern Complete offers rich territory for creative inspiration.

A combination of post-war optimism, brand new manufacturing techniques and technological innovations brought with it a brave new world of leisure, and one of most bold and widely adopted movements in design since Art Deco. A modernist sensibility of form and function, visualised in confident shapes and colours and set against natural textures, this was used to powerful effect by designers including Charles and Ray Eames, Saul Bass and Richard Neutra, to create an accessible world of style and comfort for the masses.

Mid-Century Modern Complete by Dominic Bradbury more than lives up to its title, offering a truly definitive overview of one of the most collected and referenced periods in design history. It’s 13 newly commissioned essays sit alongside nearly 550 pages of iconic examples of architecture, poster design, product design, advertising, fashion and film, in a heavyweight coffee table book that will become the go to source for 1950s design. Highly recommended.

Mid-Cetnury Modern Complete by Dominic Bradbury
Thames & Hudson
Hardback 544 pages
24.9 x 5 x 31.6 cm

Mid-Century-Modern-Complete-11 Mid-Century-Modern-Complete-10 Mid-Century-Modern-Complete-09 Mid-Century-Modern-Complete-08 Mid-Century-Modern-Complete-07 Mid-Century-Modern-Complete-06 Mid-Century-Modern-Complete-05 Mid-Century-Modern-Complete-04 Mid-Century-Modern-Complete-03 Mid-Century-Modern-Complete-02 Mid-Century-Modern-Complete-01


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